Week Dec 23rd – 27th

Monday –

Q:20% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 can’t do this. What?

A:Tell time in on an analog clock. Congrats to Nicole Derenzo from Vero Beach. She won $25 to the Green Marlin Restaurant and Raw Bar

Tuesday – Chipmunk Theatre – Congrats to Adam Stoneroad! He won $100 to White Orchid Spa

Jingle All the Way


Thursday – 1 SECOND SONG – Winner Jeff won but wanted to pay it forward and it give his 4 tickets to the Crayola Experience to Fridays winner of the Morning Brainteaser!

Friday –

Q: 25% of people do this after getting their holiday gifts-what is it?

A: Google to find out how much it’s worth -NO WINNER Tripling the prizes on Monday. 4 tickets to the Crayola Experience + $25 Mr Manatee’s and Monday’s Prize