Week Dec. 2nd – Dec. 6th

Monday –

40% of us are annoyed when a house guest does this-what is it?

Answer Mess up the bathroom! Congrats to Diane Colon from Palm Bay

Tuesday –

No Brain Teaser – Chipmunk Theater LISTEN HERE

Wednesday – 

According to a survey done by the Fitness app Freeletics, Americans will take advantage of almost anything to get out of working out.

33% Said they weather was too nice while 15% said this was the reason they skipped going to the gym. What is it?

 Answer Netflix! Congrats to Larry Rivera from Vero Beach

Thursday – 

No Brain Teaser – (At the last second)

Friday – 

Half of all Grandparents have given this gift to their grand kids for Christmas-what is it?

Answer-An ugly Christmas sweater or knitted sweater! Congrats to Lisa Ryan from Sebastian