Say What News: Lets Commit a Crime at a Police Food Drive

Here’s an awful idea……lets commit a crime at a police charity event. I’ll give the details in the say what news.

A couple of shoplifters tried stealing from a grocery store while it was holding a charity event with the local police department. The “Cram a Cruiser” event in Livingston County, Michigan is an event that local cops work with grocery stores to collect food for the food banks.

While the cops were collecting over 18,000 pounds in food and $3000 in gift cards, two dumb criminals thought that no one would notice if they tried to stroll out of the store with more $2500 in stolen items in their cart.

BUT the cops did notice….as they were making their way out.

I’d just like to really know the conversation that went on while these two were planning this bad idea. FULL STORY HERE