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Guy Blames Making Out With Drunk Girlfriend for DUI

We, as humans have been making up excuses to try and get out of things since we could talk….its human nature. But trying to find a good excuse when you’re intoxicated is often hard to do and the best ones always end up in the say what news.

Man blamed his alcohol breath on his girlfriend

Cops got a call that a car had driven off the road and into a field and that the driver may be intoxicated.

When they got there, the man refused treatment 4 times, and smelled of alcohol.

When they got him out of the car, they said he began babbling incoherently and then started to cry when they put him in handcuffs.

He failed the breathalyzer and then told cops that he had been making out with his girlfriend and she had been drinking and that’s why he smelled like booze.….yeah…she was the one drinking…not the guy who drove his car into a field, and started