82-Year-Old Powerlifting Grandma Sends Home Invader to the Hospital

Photo by: Senior Airman Christian Clausen | VIRIN: 170327-F-YX485-006.JPG

An 82 year old lady sent the man who broke into her home to the hospital in an ambulance.

Willie Murphy was getting ready for bed when a man started banging on her door asking for her to call an ambulance for him.

So she called one but didn’t let him in and that’s when he became angry and broke down the door.

What the man didn’t know is that Murphy is an award winning bodybuilder who still works out at the YMCA everyday.

She said that she grabbed her table and “went to work on him.” The table broke and then used the metal legs from the table and started hitting him with that too.

Then she jumped on him a few times, grabbed some baby shampoo and squirted it in his face and then started beating him with a broom.

She said by that time, he was ready to leave but couldn’t cause of his injuries. She tried to pull him out but he was just dead weight at that time. Check out her guns and get the full story here